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2017-2019 //

Visiting Professor, Universität für angewandte Kunst Wien
(The University of Applied Arts),

18/10/201918:30 //
theDISCORD. Benji Boyadgian. Talk & Book Launch,
Villa Romana, Florence.

05-10/11/2019 //
The World in Common project. Egle Oddo. Atelier #1
05-10/11/2019 15:00// Lecture Sala Cinema
MACRO Museum of Contemporary Art, Rome.

24/10/2019 //
CROSSECTIONS Exhibiton at ExLab, the Academy of Fine Arts, Helsinki.

02/10/2019 //
CROSSSECTIONS Exhibition at Konstfack, Stockholm.

28-28/06/2019 //
IN & OUT Exhibiton, Institute of Art Education’s Performance
at the Angewandte Festival 2019,

22/03-04.05/2019 //
"Someone has been sleeping in my bed". Orit Ishay,
Philomena+, FotoWien,

09/04-19.05/2019 //
"ELDORADO: A Wor{l}d Game". Ali Cabbar, Museum of Fine Arts (Galerija umjetnina), Split.

01/02-30/06/2019 //
Andgewandte Resident ARA Programme, Vienna.

15/03/2019 //
"Climbing Through the Tide" B7 LG, Kamel Lazaar Foundation, Tunis.

23/01/2019 //
"Shadow Optics. Lina Selander" at Kunsthaus Wien, Museum HundertWasser, Vienna.

19/09-20/10/2019 //
"CrossSections_Intervals" Kunsthalle Exnergasse, Vienna.

11/07-30/12/2019 //
Kunsthalle Exnergasse (KEX) Researcher, Vienna.

12/06-19/06/2017 //
"Mekan Kurgulamak (building/fictionalizing a space)" Workshop, Nesin Art Village, Sirince, Selcuk, Izmir.

07/02-30/4/2017 //
Residency at HIAP via the Residency Fellow Programme at the Academy of Fine Arts, Helsinki.



September 2019
theDISCORD. Benji Boyadgian. was produced alongside a long-term, research-based project on ‘hydraulic tiles’ and their stories, accompanied with an exhibition co-curated by Basak Senova and Jack Persekian in Jerusalem. theDISCORD is edited by Basak Senova and published by Al Ma'mal Foundation for Contemporary Art. theDISCORD discusses aesthetic, historical, political, social, and philosophical aspects hovering around the Discord project, while documenting Boyadgian’s artistic research and the works. The book includes essays by Ali Akay, Basak Senova, Behzad Khosravi Noori, Jack Persekian, Jonatan Habib Engqvist, Sinan Logie, Timo Tuhkanen, and the editor accompanied by a conversation between the editor of the book, Basak Senova and the artist, Benji Boyadgian.

January 2019
Optik Shadows. Lina Selander. In conjunction with the exhibition at Kunst Haus Wien, a book edited by Basak Senova published that discusses the ideological, political, ecological, aesthetic and methodological aspects of the project. The book starts with a preface by Betina Leidl and Verena Kaspar, then continues with essays by Elke Krasny, Björn Norberg, Basak Senova. It also features an extensive interview with Lina Salender.

December 2018
PASS:Journal of International Biennial Association, which was conceptualised and produced by Editorial Board of IBA—Anne Barlow, Sylvie Fortin, Bige Orer and Basak Senova—with support from the membership of the association, launched in Kochi-Muziris Biennale.

October 2018
The Library book was accompanied the Library Exhibition that took
place at Konstfack Library under the coverage of the Minimax/
CrossSections programme (1-8/11/2018). It was designed as a collaborative-integrated programme for Master’s programme CRAFT! Ceramics and Glass/Textiles/Ädellab Department of Crafts, Konstfack.