The exhibition Ivy/Sarmaşık, accompanied by a book edited by Başak Şenova, presented texts by A.S. Bruckstein Çoruh, Başak Şenova, and Jonatan Habib Engqvist. Both the exhibition and the book delved into the enigmatic and paradoxical connotations of “ivy,” exploring its branching narratives, perspectives, entities, and realities that coexisted and intertwined. The artworks featured in the exhibition bound these narrative branches together, creating connections through shared spatial, territorial, and mental temporalities across three venues: Zilberman Istanbul, Zilberman-Project Space, and Zilberman Selected. This interlinking of venues provided responsive cross-references, fostering a dynamic dialogue between them throughout the city. Ivy was published by Zilberman Gallery, Istanbul, ISBN: 978-625-00-8974-3