WHITE (siyah)

curator: Basak Senova
artist: Alban Muja, Aya Ben Ron, Ceren Oykut, Luchezar Boyadjiev, Gözde İlken, Erik Göngrich, İlgen Arzık, Maria Loizidou and Yane Calovski.
spatial design: Basak senova
venue: CDA-Projects
coordinates: Istanbul, 2012
website: http://www.cda-projects.com/


In order to address the idiosyncratic nature of the selected works, the spatial design of the
exhibition is based on a horizontal linear setting that challenges the verticality of the gallery walls.
All of the works in the exhibition are presented on a table that spreads through every room of the

Therefore, the entire exhibition design is based on ‘designing a table’. A long table on which all
the works are to be exhibited… A narrow table to allow the audience to circulate in the gallery…
A continuous table to look like as if it is crossing walls… A tricky table to block the path of the
audience… A sly table to control the navigation of the audience…

While navigating through the exhibition, due to the positioning of this long table, visitors are
challenged to draw circles and re-visit parts of the table in order to reach every available work in
the exhibition.

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