NOMAD Programme

The Trans_European Picnic: The Art and Media of Accession organized by and V2

curator: Basak Senova
artists: Hatice Güleryüz, Ali Demirel, Erhan Muratoglu, BabaZula, Ergün Yıldız, Tugce Tuna, and Anabala
venue: – Center for New Media, Novi Sad
coordinates: Novi Sad, 2004

Parallell Mobilities

Speakers: Basak Senova (TR), Milos Vojtechovský (CZ), Marion von Osten (DE)
Moderator: Vuk Cosic (SI)

Video and Film Selection by NOMAD
Films by Hatice Güleryüz, Ali Demirel, Erhan Muratoglu, Babazula, Ergün Yildiz, and Tugçe Tuna

Performance by ANABALA

Anabala based their Novi Sad performance ‘Transistan’ on their experiences acquired through living in Istanbul. Founder members Murat Ertel and Ceren Oykut live at the Asian part (Anatolian side) of Istanbul and travel through European side almost everyday. They travel 70 km. per day at least breaking the symbolic, geographical, and sociological borders of these two continents.

Anabala is multidisciplinary project concentrating on Istanbul’s sounds and cult. The project consist of two artists: Murat Ertel, mostly a musician and Ceren Oykut, mostly a painter transfer their artistic concentration onto each others. They create multi-disciplinary pieces by taking the aspects of humour, parody and surprise as the basic elements of their performances. Anabala took its name from a passage at central Istanbul where two founder members rented an empty shop for 30 dollars for a month. They tried to form a fake shop only using the material which were leftovers (or ruins) from the previous shop, which was a tattoo shop. During this one month period they recorded the voices they heard and have made at the shop during the day and mixed them by night. At the end all those mixes formed the first album. One song out of it made it to the sound art compilation album called “ctrl-alt-del” as an outcome of an joint project on sound art developed both in Istanbul and Maastricht. (2003) Anababala also performed for the exhibition “Walking Istanbul, Notes from the Quarantine” in The Digital Lab, Holon, Tel-Aviv. (2003-2004). Anabala has stared collaboration with musicians, sound-artists and visual artists from Köln, Germany and formed another group called K34 -Köln-Istanbul Cultural Exchange Project.

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