curator: Fulya Erdemci, Basak Senova, and Arzu Yayintas
artists: Ilgen Arzik, Mehmet Ali Boran, Ali Bozan, Baran Çaginli, Mehmet Fahraci, Onur Gökmen, Hayal Incedogan, Engin Konuklu, Can Kurucu, Ekin Onat, and Birol Özer
venue: Akbank Art Center
coordinates: Istanbul, 2011

The 30th Contemporary Artists’ Exhibition

The Contemporary Artists’ Exhibition is an event participated by a significant generation of artists for over a quarter of a century. The exhibition is substantial in presenting the works and discourses of contemporary artists to a wide array of viewers and instrumental in acting as a gateway into the art world for young artists producing work in the field of contemporary art.

A close examination of the last thirty years of art in Turkey will highlight the exceptional role of the Contemporary Artist’s Exhibitions at every step of advancement and at every critical turning point. Both the continuity of the exhibition and the constancy of its characteristics over the years enable it to seize and expose the changes in the field of visual arts.

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