curator: Basak Senova and Marcus Graf
artists: Ceren Oykut, Selda Asal, Techne, Gülriz Buberoglu, Bilgi University, VCD Track 04, Engin Gerçek, Güray Güvenç, Can Pekdemir, Ilke Alp Kiziltan, Ilker Canikligil, Nermin Er, Erhan Muratoglu, Aylin Güngör, Sadi Güran, Deniz Cuylan, Ertug Uçar, Simge Göksoy, Evrensel Belgin, Can Türkinan, Hatice Güleryüz, ToFu and Serap Dogan.
venue: Siemens Sanat
coordinates: Istanbul, 2005


If the basis of a living being is the information that makes up its DNA then culture and society too are
just huge centers of information, therefore cities reflect the society inside it.

Inosensu: Kokaku Kidotai
Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence,
Mamoru Oshii

The exhibition reflects on the city as a catalyst for creating complex visions and stories about today’s heterogeneous status quo. It investigates and explores the “big city” life through crowds, overloaded visual and aural aggression, confusion, dislocation, speed, transgression and hidden beauties.

The exhibition is part of the NOMAD-TV.NETWORK project that aims to both observe and also establish links in the network that facilitates local digital culture of Turkey. Digital minded communities, artists, musicians, architects, designers, engineers, cultural producers, magazines, initiatives, organizations, and parallel entities in Turkey contributed to make the network visible for the first time, in the first of a series of iterations in this ever-growing project.

While establishing the local network on digital culture, the project link local knowledge, expertise and mode of production with international connections.

 is a collaboration between NOMAD and Siemens Sanat, in which the conditions and positionings in digital culture and specifically current situation of New Media in Turkey will be investigated, reflected and discussed.
Siemens Sanat hosted .01, with an exhibition, workshops, presentations, and performances, archieve section and a database.

Over 30 workshops, presentations, and talks, organized at Siemens Sanat. Some of the praticipants are Özlem Sulak, Evrensel Belgin, Pinar Yoldas, Ali Demirel, Alper Akçay, Ansen, Bengü Karaduman, 2/5 BZ, Erdem Hevacioglu, DJ Mabbas, Alex Buberoglu, Bengisu Bayrak, Bant Magazine, Rec, Roll, Noise, XXI Architecture, Design and Urban Magazine, Arkitera,, Yogurt Technologies, Kod Music, Babylon, Techne, Laboratuar, Özgür Uçkan, Özlem Özkal, Necati Tüfenk, and Pieter Snapper.

night.01 in Babylon presents Experimental German Music Videos, 1998-2003, performances of Paul Devens and Anabala together with the works from Bilgi University, VCD Track 04, moreover, BerBat Zöksal DJ, DJ Elif Izbirak and Bant Magazine DJ Set will brighten up the night following the launch of the poster .01.

Siemens-Sanat presents a joint “archive” section by NOMAD, Siemens-Sanat, Bant Magazine and a video work on digital culture in Turkey by Nancy Atakan.

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