curator: Basak Senova
artist: Adel Abidin
production manager: Abeer Seikaly
spatial design: Basak senova
venue: Lawrie Shabibi
coordinates: Dubai, 2013

On Spatial Design

The set-up of the exhibition underlines the communication of the works. For that reason, the spatial design focuses on the object titled Al-Warqaa as the central point of the exhibition. All of the other works –a sculpture-based installation, Symphony I, a video installation, Symphony II, an animation on an LED screen, Mass- are placed around this object. Whilst each work claims its own spatial territory through separating plaster walls, regardless of the separating walls, Al-Warqaa can be partially viewed from every corner of the gallery space. The architectural adjustments are limited with these separating walls. Thus, the overall spatial design of the exhibition allows the viewer to identify the spatial characteristics of Lawrie Shabibi’s structural space.

Other Exhibition Designs