Curators: Mai Abu ElDahab, Francesco Bernardelli, Nikola Dietrich, Edit Molnár, Natasa Petresin and Basak Senova.
Sancho Silva
venue: Inkijk, SKOR
coordinates: Amsterdam, 2002

A project with Sancho Silva at De Inkijk by the Curatorial Training Programme 2002, De Appel, Amsterdam

De Inkijk has a skeleton-like structure that bears a lot of resemblance to a conventional representation of a house, but where both the space and the interior of a real house are lacking. The physical characteristics of De Inkijk reveal dualistic aspects: inside – outside, in – out, public – private, seeing – being seen, looking in – looking out, zooming in – zooming out, hiding – showing. These qualities are reflected in the work of artist Sancho Silva, in which mechanisms of voyeurism and surveillance play a role.

For De Inkijk Sancho made a plywood tunnel, linking -through the inside- two windows of the small house located at the intersection of two streets. The tunnel could be accessed using ramps. It was thus possible to walk through the house, passing from one street to the other, without actually entering it. The result was a type of spatial ambiguity: the space inside Shortcut oscillated between the interior of the house (to where it permanently belongs) and the street (to where it temporarily belonged).

There is a publication to accompany “Shortcut” at De Inkijk. This publication consists of a folder with images of the artwork of Sancho Silva and a text based on interviews with the artist.

The Curatorial Training Programme 2002 are Mai Abu ElDahab (Egypt), Francesco Bernardelli (Italy), Nikola Dietrich (Germany), Edit Molnár (Hungary), Natasa Petresin (Slovenia) and Basak Senova (Turkey).

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