curator: Basak Senova
artist: Daniel Garcia Andujar
spatial design :Basak senova
venue: Balat Opal
coordinates: Istanbul, 2010

On Spatial Design of the Exhibition

Unix based Postcapital archive, which is the the core of the project, confronts the user first with its interface as a difficult to follow and perceive structure. As the user draws his/her own path and proceeds through links, s/he starts to understand the content of the archive and accesses to the desired data with “interconnected networks”). The spatial design of the exhibition, which we studied and applied with the artist repeats this experience in a physical space. It assumes the viewer/audience as “a user” and offers him/her options on navigation.

The two gigantic corridors that the user faces with as soon as s/he enters the exhibition space forces him/her to make a choice. the user either chooses one of them or skips them and enters to the space through the void on the left. The site can only be fully perceived after passing through the corridors. The are cubes, corridors and sections in the site. Everything links each other via the contexts on which the sections are built upon and tags connected/linked to these contexts. Mezzanine floor of the exhibition space is reserved for cartography and archive sections.

Other Exhibition Designs