NOMAD Video and Film Selection

curator: Basak Senova
artists: Hatice Güleryüz, Ali Demirel, Erhan Muratoglu, Babazula, Ergün Yildiz, and Tugçe Ulugün Tuna
venue: Cultural Center of Novi Sad
coordinates: Novi Sad, 2004

NOMAD Video and Film Selection

“Four Images”, Hatice Güleryüz, 2004 (22′)

Hatice Güleryüz’ films orbit around the mental states of suppressing social situations. She associates and reflects on these mental states with hard-hitting physical conditions. She describes Four Images as “a film about a suggestion of a memory-image, or the representation of fragmentary moments of recollection that happen in the mind”.

Hatice Güleryüz studied fine arts in Turkey, attended artist-in-residence programmes in Berlin, Munich, and London. She obtained her MFA from the Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Arnhem (NL), and from the Willem de Kooning Academie, Rotterdam (NL). From 2002-2003 Hatice ws a reseracher at the Fine Arts Department of the Jan van Eyck Academie, Maastricht (NL).

“No (or bad signal)”, Ali Demirel, 1998- 2004 (2′)

No (or bad signal) shows a state of mobility fused into the transmitting confusion of broadcasting technology, and operation logic.

Ali Demirel studied Architecture and Audio-Visual Media at Middle-East Technical University. He is an independent video artist with a serious experimental edge. Instead of using video images to create a narrative, he uses loop-based found or shot images, to reach a sensory stimulation which is minimal and hypnotic. He makes videos since 1993, focusing on minimal, repetitive, detached, hypnotic images. He also collaborated with musicians like Richie Hawtin (a.k.a. Plastikman), Can Oral (a.k.a. Khan, Captain Comatose), and Anthony Rother. His works have been exhibited at EMAF (European Media Arts Festival), Osnabruck (DE); Transmediale, Berlin (DE); The Resonant Wave Festival, Berlin (DE); International ShortFilm Festival, Hamburg (DE); The Wandering Eye Film Festival, New York (US); Witness Film Festival, New York (US); (with Xurban collective).

“Blatta(nt) Orientalis(t)”, Erhan Muratoglu, 2003 (55″)

Blatta(nt) Orientalis(t) is a computer generated animation with 3D oversized cockroaches trying to find an exit, running around hasty, gathering in corners and behaving like a herd with no organization. The video track is paired with a soundtrack directly referring to the realm of computer arcade games, where the player is kept always on the run to proceed throughout the game. The name of the work involves black humour, which is incorporated throughout the work.

Erhan Muratoglu is an interactive designer and digital artist. He studied Industrial Design and Graphic Design (MFA in Graphic Design at Bilkent University), and worked and exhibited in Turkey, United Kingdom and United States with his computer graphic generated projects. He was awarded by Kodak, 11th. International Ankara Film Festival, Ifsak, and 11th. International Istanbul Short-film Days for his experimental films. He is one of the members of NOMAD. Erhan works as a lecturer in the Department of Visual Communication Design of Bahcesehir University, Istanbul.

“Fox Dance”, Babazula, 2003 (1′)

Fox Dance is a video clip created as a stop-motion animation. The piece is based on our relationship with life through objects and ideas in motion.

BabaZula is a music group, founded in 1996 by Levent Akman (percussion, rhythm machines, toys), Murat Ertel (saz and other strings,vocal) and Emre Onel (darbuka, sampler, vocal) in Istanbul. In 2003 they were joined by Oya Erkaya (bass guitar,vocal). BabaZula’s music is basically an amalgamation of recorded natural sounds with both traditional and modern acoustic and electronic musical instruments: a culmination of disparate electronic effects. Starting out with improvisations, later fixed into musical elements which make up their music such as theme, tune, style and sound, reached through recordings and rehearsals, the group has carried their method of “defined improvisation” into concerts, movies, and theatrical plays. The use of video, slides and films in their live performances, is prepared by additional members, who have joined forces with the core group. BabaZula’s debut album, ” Tabutta Rovasata (Somersault in the Coffin)”, including the original soundtrack for Dervis Zaim’s first movie, was released in 1996. Their album, ” 3 Oyundan 17 Müzik” was released in 1999. BabaZula made the soundtrack of the film ” Renkli Türkçe (Colored and in Turkish)”. They performed in Efes Pilsen Festival and Mediteranneen Film Festival, and also had big scale concerts such as “Printemps de Bourges”. Their latest album “Psychobelly Dance Professor) was released in May 2003, mastered by Mad Professor.

“Diagonal Escape”, Ergün Yildiz 2001′ (1′)

Diagonal Escape captures a decisive moment of being mobile in order to survive in the city.

Ergün Yildiz graduated from the Department of Painting at Marmara University in 2001. In 2000 he contributed to 2nd Student Triennial at Marmara University, and Toprakbank Art Gallery in 2000, Istanbul. In 2001 he exhibited at “The 20th Contemporary Artists Exhibition” of The Association of Painting and Sculpture Museums The Association of Painting and Sculpture Museums; “Yeni Öneriler, Yeni Önermeler” in Borusan Art Gallery; “Su,Us,Yolculuklar” at Marmara University; “7 Gün Sergisi” in Mürteza Fidan Atölyesi, Istanbul. In 2002, he contributed to the “Imaja Güveniyoruz-2” exhibition in Diyarbakir Art Center , and most recently he exhibited at the “Holes in the Mirror” exhibition for the Siemens Art Gallery, Istanbul.

“Vertigo”, Tugçe Ulugün Tuna, 2002 (3′)

Vertigo is an extract from a dance performance. The performance is based on the relationship between motion and space. Performers examine the limits, appropriation, and transformation of body motion for and against gravity and space.

Tugçe Ulugün Tuna is a choreographer and dancer. She graduated from M.S.U. State Conservatory, at the Modern Dance Department. She obtained her MA in 1998 from Mimar Sinan University, at the Social Sciences Faculty, with the dissertation “Usage of Exterior Space in Dance” and the choreography “AR’a” (Site specific) Ist.Academy Cinema April 1998. She holds a Ph.D. M.S.U in Performing Arts from the Social Sciences Faculty. She works as a lecturer in the modern dance dept. of MSU, Istanbul since 1996. Her teaching responsibilities involve; Contemporary dance technique, Anatomy, Improvisation, Dance Composition and Repertory. Tugçe Ulugün Tuna has been involved in numerous dance projects and choreographies in Turkey and abroad, a small selection include: Cinema, 1998, “System” Istanbul Beyoglu Cinema’, 1998, Int. Symposium’ Ankara, 2002 –Taksim Stage;”Solitude” 7th.International Solo-Tanz Theatre Festival 20-March-2003 Stuttgart. Her choreographies include a.o.: “Dance of Flowers” (Ist.)’02 – “Step”(IDT.Taksim Stage, Ist)’01 – “Passageway” (IDTTS,Ist)’01 “Complementary”( IDTTS,Ist)’01 – “Don’t forget me”(IDTTS, Ist.) ’01 “Depth”(IDTTS,Ist.)’00, and many more.

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