PASS: Journal of the International Biennial Association is online in conjunction to the annual gathering. The editorial board of PASS is
Sylvie Fortin (Chief Editor), Anne Barlow, Basak Senova, and Bige Örer. PASS is designed by Studio Gusto.

The public program of the International Biennial Association (IBA), PASS was launched in December 2018 as an annual print publication. In December 2020, it became an online platform. PASS bears witness to the critical and experimental role of perennial art events such as biennials and triennials around the world. It presents diverse approaches and divergent perspectives on contemporary art biennials as institutions, curatorial endeavours, artistic opportunities, and public projects. It examines the contemporary art biennial as an active, critical, and evolving form that mobilises and sustains relationships between artists, sites, and audience on varied scales and in different contexts. PASS also aims to advance learning, debate, and advocacy while shaping the public profile of biennials.