04/12/2020 14:30 // Sylvie Fortin and Basak Senova are moderating a panel to celebrate the launch of PASS as an online platform during the International Biennial Association General Assembly. Entitled “Thriving Otherwise: Pandemic, Justice and Sustainability”, this panel brings together artist Adam Khalil, theorist Denise Ferreira Da Silva, and architects/curators Andrés Jaque and Marina Otero to explore and speculate on the ways in which the pandemic has reconfigured the notion of sustainability by putting demands for justice at its very centre. What will sustainability mean for biennials?

Please click on the link for the record of the PASS #2 Panels during the IBA General Assembly with Maria Thereza Alves, Denise Ferreira da Silva, Andrés Jaque, Adam Khalil, Marina Otero, Claire Tancons, Xiang Zairong, moderated by Anne Barlow, Bige Örer, Sylvie Fortin and Basak Senova.