25/11/2020 16:30 // BOKU (University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna) 30 /11/2020 17:00 // TU Wien (Vienna University of Technology) LVA is the interdisciplinary lecture series by the Scientists for Future with the Austrian universities.

Remarkably for the last two decades, many artists and scholars produced and demonstrated many works, responding to environmental sustainability, climate change, and various aspects of ecological systems. The urgency of the eco-political issues and related crisis are not only associated with the rigorous errors, assumptions, and policies which are deliberately and systematically made by the ruling powers of the globe—such as governments, industries, banks, and trusts—but also all linked to the collective habitual and cultural routines of the populations. The role of these works for altering these routines are crucial for producing and processing evident critical, social and cultural discourses on these urgencies. In this respect, this lecture will discuss the methodologies and approaches of four artists as case studies from a curatorial point of view: Tuula Närhinen (FI); Oliver Ressler (AT); Egle Oddo (IT); and AnneMarie Maes (BE). Each artist has different approaches and proposlas: Tuula Närhinen’s work reflects on the capitalist imperatives of industrial, agricultural, technological, and architectural transformations and their effects on the ecosystem; Oliver Ressler questions international climate governance by exploring the mechanisms and infrastructures of the movements; Egle Oddo creates living sculptures by installing evolutionary gardens as living seed banks and  safety zones for biodiversity; AnneMarie Maes works on the close interactions and co-evolutions within urban ecosystems through urban bees.

With an integrative approach, the lecture would like to discuss these case studies with their associated discourses, interdisciplinary links and curatorial perspectives.