14/09-01/12/2022// Ivy is a group exhibition that spans three venues of the gallery in Istanbul. “Ivy” features works by Heba Y. Amin, Omar Barquet, Burçak Bingöl, Yane Calovski, Ramesch Dah​a, Memed Erdener, Didem Erk, Fatoş İrwen, Zeynep Kayan, Azade Köker, Bronwyn Lace, Marcus Neustetter, Cristiana de Marchi, Larry Muñoz, Maarit Mustonen, Egle Oddo, Erkan Özgen, Bochra Taboubi, Cengiz Tekin, Simon Wachsmuth and Verena Miedl-Faißt/Nirual Kenabru. The exhibition follows the enigmatic and paradoxical connotations of “ivy” that branch out into multiple narratives, perspectives, entities, and realities that exist and possess it at the same moment. The works bind these branches together through shared spatial, territorial, and mental temporalities within the three venues, Zilberman Istanbul, Zilberman-Project Space, and Zilberman Selected. Through these links, the venues responsively give cross-references to each other across the city.