Belgrade-Skopje-Istanbul, 2007

The HTMlles EXPORT2 mobility project included the travel of five Canadian artists, one Canadian curator and eight art works to the cities of Belgrade, Sofia and Istanbul between the dates of October 18th and 31st, 2006. The group included established artists with practices involving scientific research and detailed technology. In Istanbul HTMlles EXPORT 2 [06] is co-produced by NOMAD and hosted by Platform Garanti Contemporary Art Center and The Apartment Project. The local presenters include The Apartment Project, Selda Asal, NOMAD, Ceren Oykut, Ozlem Sulak, Hatice Guleryuz, Bengu Karaduman, Filmmor Women’s Cooperative, Ülkü Songül, Melek Özman Nancy Atakan and Tuna Erdem.