Curators: Mai Abu ElDahab, Francesco Bernardelli, Nikola Dietrich, Edit Molnár, Natasa Petresin and Basak Senova.
Erick Beltrán, Emese Benczúr, David Claerbout, Karl Holmqvist, Koo Jeong-a, Leopold Kessler, Rivane Neuenschwander , Anri Sala, ScanneR, Sean Snyder, Marco Vaglieri, Barbara Visser, Akram Zaatari, Tarek Zaki.
venue: Stichting De Appel
coordinates: Amsterdam, 2002
websites: http://www.deappel.nl

A project by the Curatorial Training Programme 2002,
De Appel, Amsterdam

Haunted by Detail is about the way in which small details constitute entire worlds in themselves. These details tie together the lived experience and express its tangible nature. Haunted by Detail is a project, which reflects upon artistic practices where the selection of these details is the starting point for communication. The project includes an exhibition at Stichting De Appel, a Film and Video Programme at the Filmmuseum, and a publication.

The Exhibition presents international artists who, in the midst of daily urban existence, discover neglected details and communicate a life through them. These details function as metaphors but metaphors, which are tangible. These artists are not building prosaic or abstract metaphors but on the contrary are using what is seemingly common, explicit and obvious to bring us closer to lived reality. Such metaphors take a physical object to imply the entire narrative, use a specific camera location or angle to represent the life, select a particular medium to question the objectivity of documentation activities or question the borders of the medium itself or of our perception of it. It can also be the framing of a certain situation, moment or event to allude to the impact of decisive turning points on personal, social or political history, or the highlighting of a small gesture to consider the nature of human relations. By doing so, these artistic practices ground our perception in the mundane and force us to consider what we already know yet disregard. They invite us to question our knowledge and perception, and the way in which we have categorised and processed them.

The participating artists are:

Erick Beltrán (1974 Mexico City, lives in Amsterdam), Emese Benczúr (1969 Budapest, lives in Budakeszi), David Claerbout (1969 Kortrijk, lives in Brussels/Berlin), Karl Holmqvist (1964 Västerås, lives in Berlin), Koo Jeong-a (1967 Seoul, lives in Paris), Leopold Kessler (1976 Munich, lives in Vienna), Rivane Neuenschwander (1967 Belo Horizonte, lives in Belo Horizonte), Anri Sala (1974 Tirana, lives in Paris), Scanner (1964 London, lives in London), Sean Snyder (1972 Virginia Beach, lives in Berlin), Marco Vaglieri (1959 Milan, lives in Milan), Barbara Visser (1966 Haarlem, lives in Brussels/Amsterdam), Akram Zaatari (1966 Saida, lives in Beirut), Tarek Zaki (1975 Riyad, lives in Cairo).

talk with the curators and the invited artists will be held after Karl Homqvists lecture-performance “Aesthetic Movement“, in order to reflect on the working method and its relationship to the broad diversity of the participants involved.

The Film and Video Programme proposes that a renewed consciousness of filmic heritage has led diverse artists to remodel their own visual language according to particular visual features and styles. Rather than taking a full retrospective view, but through an exploration of the imagination and the resources of historical key filmmakers, an understanding of contemporary arts audio-visual dynamics is suggested. The programme presents examples of celebrated but not so often seen film works, produced during the decisive years in which modern independent cinema established itself, juxtaposed with contemporary video works. These newly-arranged and narrated stories, created by diverse audio-visual artists, are a testing ground for contemporary sensibilities in dialogue with established history.


Public & Private 16 & 19 November
Hassan Khan (Egypt), tabla dubb no. 9 (2002) 3 36, this is THE political film (1998) 1, the eye struck me and the lord of the throne saved me (1997) 2, fuck this film (1998) 3 40, sometime/somewhere else (2001) 1 30, six questions to the lebanese (2001) 1, 100 portraits (2001) 1 40 Leopold Kessler (Austria), Private Initiatives, 2002, 14 Robert Bresson (France), Pickpocket, 1959, 75

Fiction & Form 17 & 21 November Rivane and Sérgio Neuenschwander (Brazil), Love Lettering, 2002, 6´32″ (Brazil) Gernot Wieland (Austria) Nachahmung, 2001, 1, Unter anderen Voraussetzungen, 2000, 1 30, Eine mögliche Wiedergabe allgemeiner Dinge, 2002, 1 30 Deborah Ligorio (Italy), Pattern, 2001, 1, Emptiness, 2001, 1, Density, 2002, 1, Cycle, 2002, 1, Hyperdevelopment, 2002, 1 Frank Bretschneider (Germany), selected animations, 2000, 15 Derek Jarman (UK), Blue, 1993, 75

Now & Again 1 & 3 December Akram Zaatari (Lebanon), The Red Chewing Gum, 2000, 10 Pia Rönicke (Denmark), Outside the Living Room, 2000, 9 Pàl Szacsva y (Hungary), Fingerings, 1996, 6 Miha Vipotnik (Slovenia), Gazele, 2000, 12 Ingmar Bergman (Sweden), The Silence 1963, 91

Arrival & Departure 2 & 5 December Kirsten Pieroth (Germany), Untitled, 2001, 2 Dominique Ghesquiere (France), Le Salon, 2001, 3 Saso Vrabic (Slovenia); Cant Undo, 2001, 10 Ilker Canikligil (Turkey), Simulacra, 2001, 13 Pia Rönicke (Denmark) Some Where Out There, 1998, 9 Johan Grimonprez (Belgium), Dial H-I-S-T-O-R-Y, 1997, 75

Film and Video Programme took place at the Amsterdam Filmmuseum, Vondelpark 3, on 16, 17, 19, 21 November and 1, 2, 3, 5 December at 7:30pm except 17 November at 3:30pm.

There is also a publication includes essays by Annette Balkema, Jeroen Boomgaard, Rosi Braidotti and the curator.

The Curatorial Training Programme 2002 are Mai Abu ElDahab (Egypt), Francesco Bernardelli (Italy), Nikola Dietrich (Germany), Edit Molnár (Hungary), Natasa Petresin (Slovenia) and Basak Senova (Turkey).

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