curator: Basak Senova
coordinates: Istanbul, 2004
websites: http://www.nomad-tv.net/sabreen


The exhibition presents two documentary works “Arwashat: Percussion Summer Camp” by SABREEN, located in East Jerusalem. These are the documentaries of two workshops realized in 2004.

In the course of Bidayat programme, Sabreen realized “Percussion Summer Camp: Arwashat” in Bethlehem between 28.06-06.07.2004. During the camp, 70 children learned how to play percussive instruments along with singing and dancing. These children were selected from various community centers and trained for 3 months (March-May 2004). Some of these children had previously attended the Instrument Making Workshop by Palestinian and Norwegian musicians. “Arwashat: Percussion Summer Camp” concluded with a large-scale music festival on 6th of June, 2004.

Arwashat is a part of the educative and social programme, designed and applied by Sabreen. This programme covers public performances in the cities and towns of Palestine.

Sabreen, founded by Said Murad, is a non-profit organization for developing art in general; nevertheless, the main focus of this association is the field of music. For the last 16th years, Sabreen Association for Artistic Development has been providing venues, professional opportunities, and educative forums for Palestinian artists through exhibits, festivals, workshops, and other activities.

Sabreen operates both as an institution and a music group that has performed worldwide. Sabreen also makes productions for artists and organizations such as CDs or film sound tracks in its studios together with sound-engineering training courses. Besides, Sabreen’s first group; Bidayat, established in 1984, gives professional education for schools and organizations.

Sabreen has a distinctive vision and philosophy, which is based on the Palestinian cultural heritage by focusing on the regeneration of Palestinian folklore and identity. By revisiting the roots of Arabic music, Sabreen aims to lead its audience to transcend their daily life reality, which is blurred with conflict, to a realm of tranquillity and patience.