curator: Basak Senova
artist: Adel Abidin, Almagul Menlibayeva, Ayman Yossri Daydban, Bahar Behbahani, Ceren Oykut, Constantinos Taliotis, Ipek Duben, Özgül Ezgin, Rheim Alkadhi and Yane Calovski
spatial design: Basak senova
venue: Akbank Art Center
coordinates: Istanbul, 2012


Every work in the exhibition consists of spatial installations. The location of each work was determined by how it related with the other works in terms of narrative, shape, medium, and content. New works produced for the purpose of this exhibition stand alongside previous productions. Each work creates its own space as part of the foreseen order of the spatial design. The relationship of the works with time and details has reflected on this order through (visual and aural) rhythm and beat.

Separate spaces were designed together with the artists so as to create and accommodate the atmosphere the artists desired to generate with their works. Most of these spaces are reached by walking through distinctive corridors that have become a part of the works. These corridors serve as an interface that set up the viewers for their encounter with the works. The works of three artists, Ayman Yossri Daydban, Rheim Alkhadi, and Yane Calovski had in common the concept of how their work related to public spaces; therefore their spaces were designed to take place in the main corridor.

In conclusion, what the viewers encountered with at “Aftermath” were not gallery walls and divisions, but spaces constructed through spatial installations.

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