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Basak Senova
artists: ExtraStruggle, Erhan Muratoglu, ZeN, Ertug Uçar, Simge Goksoy, Cem Yardimci, John Barret, Asal, Ceren Oykut, Guven Çatak, Serap Dogan, and Ozlem Sulak.
venue: Cairo, Egypt: Contemporary Image Collective
Maribor, Slovenia: Kulturni Inkubator
New Delhi, India: India International Centre
coordinates: Cairo, Maribor, New Delhi, 2006
website: http://www.nomad-tv.net/snapshots
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Snapshot 1 & 2, curated by Basak Senova, is a screening of short video works created by artists working in Istanbul. Each work addresses the relation of digital culture to urban context.

Snapshot 1

- Turkish Light Arts, 2002 (ExtraStruggle)
- I/O Information Overbloated, 2005 (Erhan Muratoglu)
- Derdimi Anla, 1998 (ZeN)
- Istatistiklal, 2004 (Erhan Muratoglu - Ertug Uçar - Simge Goksoy)
- Deniz, 2005-2006 (Cem Yardimci - John Barret)
- Lost Postcard, 2004-2005 (Selda Asal - Ceren Oykut)
- Down-Under, 2005 (Guven Çatak)
- Abstraction, 2004 (Serap Dogan)
- SeashellSea, 2004 (Ozlem Sulak)

Screened at the Contemporary Image Collective (CiC) during the Open Studio Project 2006, an international residency programme by Townhouse Gallery, Cairo, Egypt.

Screened at The 12th International Festival of Computer Arts, as part of Turn On, Tune In, Drop Out exhibition, curated by Dunja Kukovec. Kulturni Inkubator, Slovenia, Maribor.

Screened at CeC & CaC, 2nd Carnival of e-Creativity & Change-agents Conclave, developed and presented by The Academy of Electronic Arts in partnership with the India International Centre, New Delhi.